Sunday, April 16, 2017

He Just Follow The System; Now A Teacher Becomes NutriHani's First Car Achiever

By Evangeline Escol, Feature Editor

“I liked the system. I saw ordinary people changed their lives, from miseries to financial prosperity. I am a professional teacher but my heart belongs to helping other people improve their lives. From the time I mastered the system I just follow it and never stop.”

This is the strong message uttered by Nutrihani’s top earner and first car achiever, Mr. Roger B. Gelacio, during an exclusive interview. He started the business the NutriHani way, just last year, but now already owns a brand Toyota Avanza 2017 model, for bagging the number 1 spot in the company’s top performer and leadership award.

The NutriHani management said they gave the Leadership Award to Mr Gelacio, as he was very active every day, going to places and does one on one and group business presentations. Gelacio, report said, became the top performer, thus, achieving the goals and visions of NutriHani.

“Hinayhinay lang ta basta kanunay. Moabot ra lage ta sa kinatumyan ug mahimong magmalampuson, the very humble awardee said. He said he did not expect to receive the leadership award because he is not thinking of it. He just did what is expected of him as a leader of the very promising MLM company based in Bukidnon. “

Until the management told me I was the company’s top performer in terms of sales and productions this early. I was very happy. Nagbunga jud akong paghago, traveling from places to places around Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro.”


 The journey of the 38 year old teacher from Malaybalay City was never easy. There were lots of challenges, he said, that almost toppled him down. “At the very start of my MLM business, my wife was very negative and those were really very difficult to handle. My sister and brothers and all other relatives were also negative of the business.”

“I had no choice but to prove myself first that I was right in my chosen career path. I was determined to achieve, so no amount of challenges could ever stop me from achieving success. Thanks God, I am now harvesting the fruit of my sacrifices. Thanks to my mentor and to all the positive people around me, especially my business partners.”

Gelacio said MLM business is a new business system that each business partner will only follow and will surely give success in the long run. “The system is only duplication and you can’t go wrong if you just follow it and be able to duplicate.”


Gelacio was very proud that aside from the very supportive management of NutriHani and the very down to earth CEO and president Noel J. Blanco and his wife Cora, the health and wellness products of the company are also of top quality and the packaging is great. Among the products of NutriHani include Nutri Up, Nutri Choco, Nutri Coffee, Nutri Juice, Argan oil, Liniment oil, Aya Whitening Lotion, Aya Insta White, among others.


 Meanwhile Nutrihani President and CEO Noel J. Blanco also announced the company will have more satellite branches in the coming months, as part of its aggressive marketing campaign this year, to reach out to more people in the countryside.

 Right now, the company is already operating in Batangas, Palawan, Davao, General Santos, Cotabato City, Wao, Bukidnon, Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro City. ###

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