Saturday, March 15, 2014

New Millionaire In Philippines Is A Squatter

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Who would ever believe that the once squatter boy in Barangay Damayan, Quezon City, Philippines, is now a millionaire?

Rommel Aguas, 26 years old, suffered massive poverty since he was born in Maripipi Biliran, a poor province in the Visayas, some few miles away from Manila. When he was four-year-old, his parents has transferred to Metro Manila to seek for greener pasture. But their living condition became even worst, as they now lived in Barangay Damayan, a squatters’ area in Metro Manila, home of the country’s poorest of the poor. While living in the squatter’s area, he experience that their village were razed by fire for the third time, and had to start over and over again. Their life
became even worse than in the province.

But despite being poor and his mother was only a small time tailor in the village, his mother managed to send him to school and finish his college education.

“There were no opportunities for me then, so I ended up joining a network marketing company. My mother could not accept that I finish college education but ended in a multi-level business which is considered scam by many Filipinos. I was forced by my mother to leave the shanty and live in my own,” Aguas recalled.

He said he went to his former girlfriend (now his wife) who was also living a miserable life and also lives at a nearby squatter’s village. His wife has four other sisters and brothers and they also lived in a shanty. His wife’s father was only a tricyle driver while her mother was a helper at a small carenderia (restaurant) in the village’s vicinity.

“I was ashamed but I have nowhere to go except to my girlfriend. I live there and continue my networking business. It was traditional MLM and you need to work hard, bringing with you products and go out every day. Yes, I earned but it didn’t last long. But it gave me hope that there is life in networking if you do it right. I experienced 100,000 a month but only a few months. I have experienced living a life of abundance. But it didn’t last long. I became tired of getting out of the house every day, spent a lot of money for my daily airfare and food budget.


Then came the Supreme Wealth Alliance.

Aguas said when he saw the marketing and compensation plan of Supreme Wealth Alliance, he said “This is it.”

He worked hard for the first month and he earned over P80,000 and the rest was history. For 1 year and 1 month, Aguas already earned over 1 Million Pesos in SWA.

I can still recall that I don’t have a computer when I started the SWA business. I had to rent a 15/hr computer at a net cafĂ©. Thanks God, everything paid and I earned almost $2,000 in my first month. I bought a laptop and that started my real career in network marketing.

Aguas now bought his brand new Toyata car as his earnings already reach $25,000 in just one year in the business. Amazing things really happen to this squatter guy in the Philippines.


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