Sunday, May 28, 2017

Marawi City Death Toll: 61 Maute Rebels Killed; 15 Govt Forces

Marawi City - The death toll in Marawi City undersiege has now risen 61 for the Maute rebel group and 15 from the government side. There were also undetermined number of civilians who were caught in the crossfires who died, as well as those brutally killed by the terrorist group. Marawi City mayor Mahul Gamdamra thanked the government for maintaining their forces in the city to combat atrocities made by the Maute Rebel group supported by ISIS in the middle east.

Marawi City houses burned by Maute Rebels

By Evangeline Escol, Feature Editor

Marawi City - The Maute rebel group did not hurt Muslim residents as they pass by but in other areas of the city, they killed Christians. At presstime, the Philippine government has accounted 41 Maute members killed in clash and 15 soldiers and policemen. Marawi City has also became a ghost town as residents in most of the barangays left their houses and went to nearby cities and provinces, including Iligan City, Cagayan de Oro City, and the provinces of Bukidnon and Lanao.

Marawi City Undersiege; Maute Rebels Attack Vital Installations

Marawi City - This predominantly Muslim inhabited city was attacked by lawless group which identified themselves as Maute group. They burned some houses, churches and sow terror to civilians. They also killed Christians they can saw on the streets.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Breaking News: Free TV Journalist Alyana Arevalo Kidnapped

Breaking News:
Free tv journalist Alyana Arevalo

The MUJP has condemned the PNP brass for failure to protect budding tv journalist Alyana Arevalo who was kidnapped by notorious criminal, ex police officer Joaquin Tuazon.

Arevalo, the blushing bride of decorated police officer and feared crimebuster Ricardo Dalisay was kidnapped by Tuason who drove the white Cadillac wedding car. Tuason stepped on the gas even before Dalisay could join the bride after a dramatic and romantic wedding in Tagaytay.

PNP director general Recto and CIDG head Chief Supt Delfin Borja were seen catching their breath trying to chase the kidnapped bride.

"It is a pity the PNP failed to institute appropriate security measures for the high profile wedding," the MUJP said in a statement.

This is the height of impunity and lawlessness. Government should not leave any stone unturned to free Alyana Arevalo- Dalisay and bring Tuazon to the fold of the law, the MUJP said.
Dalisay and comrades at the CIDG gave chase to Tuason who fled in different directions under the cover of darkness. #angprobinsyano #pulpoli
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