Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cagayan de Oro Septic Tank Massacre

Four members of the family were brutally massacred in Cagayan de Oro City, reports reaching this paper said.

Bulua Police Station probers identified the massacre victims as Christopher Lastimosa, father; Lea Lastimosa, mother and their siblings Christian and Chanly Lastimosa,9 and 6 year’s old;all residents of District 7,GSIS Subdivision,Canitoan, this city. They were found dumped in a septic at the back of their residence.

Police authorities also arrested the suspect, a certain Armand Abuyin, a resident of Tagum City,Davao. Police found traces of wounds and bruises in his hands when arrested by responding police authorities, who immediately called on the SOCO investigators to conduct investigation on the brutal slaying of the Lastimoso family.

Chona Pepito, Lea’s sister, in an interview with Magnum Radio said her last contact with his sister was on November 4, 2012. “I contacted my sister after November 4 but they were nowhere to be found. So I decided to went to the school and check with her kids but their adviser said the siblings were absent since Monday.  

Pepito added that she went immediate to the victim’s house at District 7, GSIS Subdivision, barangay Canitoan. A man who was later known as Armand Abuyin was in the house and told her Christopher and the kids were in Manila processing some papers. Abuyin did not elaborate.

Pepito smell something fishy on the statements of the Abuyin and contacted police authorities since Abuyin denied her from entering her sister’s house. Abuyin also claimed the house was leased to him at P5,000.00.
Later Pepito and some policemen entered the house and saw traces of blood going at the back of the house, where a bad smell came from. Authorities then found dead bodies of the family dumped in a septic tank, and already in advance state of decomposition.

Abuyin attempted to escape from the crime scene but police probers arrested him and placed him as the suspect of the brutal killing of the Lastimosa family. Drug paraphernalia and drug residue were found at the possession of the suspect.

Police investigation also disclosed that Christopher was an auto mechanic in said area where the suspect also worked as a helper. The two became friends which made the suspect had access to the family’s house. Abuyin was also a suspect in the slaying of a school security guard, police probers said.
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