Saturday, December 12, 2009

Misuari urges Muslims to support LP senatorial bet Adel Tamano

Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) Chairman and respected Muslim leader, Nur Misuari, has endorsed the candidacy of Nacionalista Party Senatorial bet lawyer Adel A. Tamano, during a gathering of Muslim leaders.

Tamano was Misuari's guest at the fifth National Bagsamoro Consultative assembly held at Sibugay, Mindanao on December 12, 2009, and was the only national politician allowed to participate in the said event.

In his speech, Tamano encouraged the MNLF commanders and leaders to follow Misuari's path and struggle for justice for the Moro people, by using only peaceful and democratic means.

Tamano, a proud member of the Bangsamoro, has also expressed his belief that any difficult challenge against the Bangsamoros can be easily solved, if all Muslim tribes would unite for the Moro cause.
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